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Create RSS Buttons
Create RSS Graphics and Buttons in seconds, for your website FREE of charge! Sample:

A free PHP script, converts RSS feeds to HTML. Users can create webpages that will always display the most current information from the RSS feed, and because the resulting page is pure HTML, it will be in a format friendly to search engine robots. Using rss2html.php webmasters can customize the format and look of the web page created from the feed. The RSS feed's contents can easily be integrated into an existing website's theme. The rss2html.php

NetObjects Component for Fusion
The RSS News Feed Component for NetObjects Fusion is an amazing tool which can help you to add RSS News Feeds to your NetObjects web site projects. Simply place the component on the page and configure the news feed link.

RSS Merge Script
RSS Merge 2.0 is the XSLT 1.1 script which merges several RSS 1.0 channels into one channeland (optionally) chooses only items matching certain topics. Use it to syndicate news from several sources or to filter news matching certain topics.

A Perl script that converts RSS XML feeds into standard browser side JavaScript in JSMsg convention. It takes a URL to an RSS feed as input and outputs a JavaScript file containing all the information from the RSS feed in JSMsg format.


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