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Feedroll Pro
Makes it simple to syndicate your RSS news feed on any other website, optional statistical tracking and choice of javascript or PHP to present your feed on a website.

Service to display RSS2HTML. Make it simple to view RSS in a pleasant manner, select layout, color-scheme, and enter the url of your feed.
Feed will be displayed for no charge.

JavaScript RSS Box Viewer
Simply enter the URL of any compatible RSS feed, modify the layout settings as you like and push the submit button. When finished, copy the HTML code into your HTML document and voilą!

Complete RSS
The form below will create up to three custom RSS newsfeeds for use in your RSS reader. It's simple: name your feed, enter in search criteria, and decide if you want to match the exact phrase you typed in. This will create a content feed that has item elements related to your search phrase.

RSS Toolbot
This tool does a simple conversion of RSS to HTML. If you enter multiple feeds they will be concatenated into one long page. The tool limits each feed to 20 items.

This form takes your web page and turns it into RSS 0.92.

RSSgenr8 is a hosted HTML to RSS Scraper Tool which dynamically generates a RSS feed from a HTML web page. Changes to the web page are then automatically reflected in the RSS feed.

No need to mess around writing the code! This form will help you build a feed. All you need is the URL for the RSS source. Then all you need to do is put the javascript we give you into your website and the RSS will appear on your site.




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